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      Can plastic be welded?

      Yes, plastic can be welded. This is one of the common questions, every Leister member is asked while explaining Leister product.

      How do you weld plastic?

      Plastic can be welded in so many ways with the aid of hot air, infrared, hot wedge, and laser. Plastic welding is a process of joining two parts together under the right amount of temperature, pressure, and speed. Most of the thermoplastics (PP, PE, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PPR, MDPE, etc.) can be welded by melting the surfaces and pressing them together. Once cooled down, the welded area is twice stronger than the other places. Please note that only similar material or same type (PP to PP or PE to PE or HDPE to HDPE) can be welded. It is important to know the material that you intend to weld.

      Is it safe to Weld Plastic?

      Plastic welding provides a permanent solution. Glue reduces the life of plastic sheets and can cause damage. On the other hand, welding increases the strength of the plastic material. Welding prevents dust accumulation and damage to the material. Be sure you are in a well-ventilated area, pre-heat your gun for at least 2 minutes, make sure your surfaces are clean and double check what type of plastic you are welding.

      How long will it take to weld a product?

      This totally depends on the application, your ambient temperature, characteristics of the welding material and so on. Every welding process takes due time and it is also important to give sufficient cooling time after welding for the bonding to strengthen.

      Is plastic weld commonly used?

      Will you believe if we say that majority of flooring you see in trains, buses, hospitals, are plastic welded. If plastic flooring is welded, they increase the life and durability of the material resulting in less maintenance. Also, repairing a plastic item like car bumpers, crates, bins, etc. instead of throwing them away reduces the impact of plastic reaching landfills. Repair and Reuse will save your pocket and environment.

      Different materials used for plastic welding?

      There are a variety of plastics that can be welded, such as PP (Polypropylene), HDPE (High Density Polyethylene),

      Are there techniques in welding plastic?

      Welding techniques totally depend on your application. The different types of welding are hot air welding, extrusion welding, infrared radiation welding, wedge welding, and laser welding. 

      The different applications we can use plastic welding for

      Plastic Tank Fabrication, Vinyl Floor Welding, Plastic Fabrication, Roof Coverings, Billboards, Industrial Fabrics, Civil Engineering, Tunnelling, Landfills, Fabrication in Crate Partition or Plastic Bin Partition, Sealing Lamitubes, Automotive Parts, etc. These are just a few common applications of plastic welding.

      Can we see a demo of the product?

      Demo is provided to most of our machines, you can visit any of Leister Offices in India. You can also request a demo by writing to

      Will I receive training if it is required?

      Leister India will provide basic training for the purchase of the certain products if it requires an installation. You can get in touch with us anytime if you need to understand your Leister Product better.

      Do you ship across India?

      We have sent our products across the longitude and latitude of India. Enter your complete delivery address with pin code and we will get them delivered to you!

      Is it safe to send a machine by courier service?

      All Leister products come in transit safe packages that makes it safe to transport. The heavy Leister products come in sturdy carry case specially customized for the machine. Special and high-quality plastic material is used in manufacturing all the cases.

      Office timing for Leister?

      Leister is open 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM IST from Monday to Friday. Only during National holidays and weekends, we are off. This timing is common with all our 9 branches across India. But you can always book your product 24*7 on our online store where all our products are listed. Book Now: Leister India Store

      How can I get the latest updates on sales and latest offers in Leister?

      All updates about Leister will be given in our monthly newsletter, enter your email address and you will receive all updates click HERE.

      How do we purchase Leister products?

      Shop at our website:
      Get in touch with us if you find any difficulty and we will walk you through the process.

      Do we need to send a machine to Swiss every time it requires a service?

      That is not at all required, Leister service center are all over India. Get in touch with our technical team at any of the 9 major cities Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bhopal and Chennai. Choose your nearest option and you can send your machine for service. Place your SERVICE REQUEST and we will get in touch with you with further assistance.