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      Turnkey systems

      Leister Turnkey Lasersystem NOVOLAS WS AT

      The NOVOLAS WS-AT series offers turnkey laser systems for welding plastics. These machines are modular and suitable for universal use. Each NOVOLAS WS-AT laser system can be equipped with multiple laser modules and processing heads, which increases productivity and, in turn, profitability.
      To increase productivity even further, the NOVOLAS WS-AT is also available with a rotary indexing table. There is a choice of two or three indexing steps.
      As a result, systems can also be integrated into a process chain and manual workstations can be turned into automated production lines.

      Integrated systems

      Leister Integration Lasersystem NOVOLAS Basic AT

      The machines in the NOVOLAS Basic AT and NOVOLAS Basic AT Compact series have been designed for integration into production lines and cells. Thanks to their consistent modular design, the laser systems can be easily configured to suit a wide range of requirements. As a result, virtually all welding concepts can be implemented using the various diode lasers and optics modules.
      Custom integration of the Basic AT covers the entire spectrum, from manual workstations right through to automated solutions.