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      ELEKTRA 500 is an high performance universal electrofusion machine, suitable for welding HDPE, PP, PP-R couplings (from 8 to 48 V).

      Composed of:

      • machine body surrounded by a tubular steel frame, thus creating a protective structure that gives to the welding design and functionality while also serving as transport handle and cable winding
      • large graphic display that stands out for the size and resolution of the icons, making them easy to read in the setting and welding stages - intuitive control panel that simplifies and speeds up the setting of the welder
      • universal connectors; no need of adapters
      • GPS (on request) useful in job-sites where traceability is necessary
      • a laser scanner - barcode reading system that allows the automatic setting of the welding parameters. There are nonetheless two manual settings available: by setting the welding tension/time parameters, and by introducing the numerical code indicated under the bar code, in order to recognize automatically the welding parameters
      • internal memory of 4000 welds; the name of the operator among with the traditional welding data can be generated in PDF format. These reports can be downloaded to a PC through a USB port

      USB port allows updating the welder firmware, the reports download or a printer ESC-POS connection


       Technical Specifications
      Materials HDPE/PP/PP-R
      Working range Ø 20 to 500 mm
      Power supply 110/230 V  single phase 50/60 Hz
      Total absorbed power 3100 W
      Max output current 120 A
      60% Duty Cycle output 70 A
      Memory capacity 4000 reports
      Protection degree IP 54
      Dimensions machine 255x270x385 mm
      Dimensions carrying case 410x290x485 mm
      Weight 18 Kg


      Price Includes

      • Elektra 500
      • Universal adapter Ø 4,0 - 4,7 mm
      • Laser scanner 
      • Transport case
      • Manual scraper

      Elektra 500 High Pressure

      Elektra 500 High Pressure

      Elektra 500 High Pressure

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