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      ELEKTRA LIGHT is an universal electrofusion machine, suitable for welding pipe/fittings for the transport of gas, water and for welding fire sprinkler system (HDPE, PP, PP-R couplings from 8 to 48 V). The Elektra Light machine is made in compliance with international standards. This is welding machine’s structure is light weight, so it is extremely easy to carry around.

      Technical Specifications:
      Materials HDPE/PP/PP-R
      Working range Ø 20 to 125/160 mm
      Power supply 110 V / 230 V single phase 50/60 Hz
      Total absorbed power 2000 W
      Output 8 A
      60% Duty Cycle output 23 A
      Memory capacity 325 reports
      Protection degree IP 54
      Dimensions 200x250x210 mm
      Weight 7 Kg

      Composed of:
      machine body, an in built memory with 325 welding cycles - report PDF file - featuring the possibility of transferring data to a PC/Laptop.

      Price Includes:

      • Elektra Light
      • Universal adapter Ø 4.0 - 4.7 mm
      • Laser scanner
      • Trevira bag
      • Manual scraper

      Elektra Light Universal Electrofusion MachineElektra Light Universal Electrofusion MachineElektra Light Universal Electrofusion Machine

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