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      Switch to electrically powered coffee roasting

      Switch to electrically powered coffee roasting

      Coffee has become a common drink in all households and a wide range of coffee varieties are produced and consumed across the world. Due to increase in cafes across the country has largely impacted coffee production and so its consumption. In the latest research conducted by Statista Research Department, coffee consumption amounted to over 1,170 thousand, 60-kilogram bags across India in 2020. Keeping this in mind, have you ever speculated on the process of how the coffee powder reaches your cup?

      How coffee is made:

      Coffee is produced in a systematic process to maintain a uniform quality. This process begins with planting the coffee seeds, harvesting, selecting and strip harvesting, sorting and selecting, pulping the cherries, fermenting, drying the beans, storing, milling, grading the beans, roasting, packaging, grinding, brewing.

      Roasting is the essential and crucial part of the coffee production process. This is achieved through a certain amount of heat property being passed on to the beans. Roasting is achieved in a uniform and controlled manner inside a roasting chamber that is achieved through a traditional heating method. A well-roasted coffee bean results in a high-quality aromatic coffee. 

      Why should you switch to the Leister Heater?

      Leister heaters are sustainable and eco - friendly. Our safe roasting system is organic, which results in high-quality roasting (gas-free combustion), resulting in a precise roasting process. All the heaters are easy to install and have plug-in systems. You can trust us for reliable operations and repeatable process parameters. We are known for our consistency and the uniform heating that can be achieved for every batch. Leister machines require minimal operation, low maintenance and low service costs. Our heaters have precise temperature control that can raise the temperatures ranging from 650 to 900 °C.

      We provided a 3-point temperature measurement for the heating the beans and air outlet. Our system interface for control of the heating system from a remote source can be achieved and will provide notification during overheating. Our products have standards including CE, ROHS and EMC. Leister Heaters significantly reduces emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide land sulphur oxide. 

       Our heating solutions have provided sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-efficient results. Our experienced and knowledgeable technical support teams will assist us in developing innovative solution. Leister air heaters are used for hygienic solutions in the process of coffee bean roasting. This process also maintains the amino acids and sugar acids in coffee beans. To know more, contact us. We will be happy to answer all your queries regarding heating system.