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      Success Stories

      Welding Grow Bags with Leister HEMTEK-ST

      Grow bag welded with Leister Hemtek-ST automatic hot air plastic welder
      Manufactures like Dharneesh & Co are using Leister HEMTEK-ST to create hem welds on the grow bags, making them furthermore firm and suitable for plant growing. Due to this process of welding, production time of one grow bag has been decreased. The quality of the grow bags have increased considerably due to the welding process over the traditional stitching. Leister India is happy to be a part of the manufacturing process that increases the life of a product. This in turn reduces the number of grow bags ending in dump sites due to wear and tear. 

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      Water Storage Pond Lining with LEISTER TWINNY T

      Twinny: Enriching lives in India!

      India being an agricultural country have population of more the 10 million farmers. India has the 10th-largest arable land resources in the world. India has been witnessing growing water scarcity over the past several years now. The water storage ponds have come to the rescue of many farmers. To protect the crops, they construct water storage ponds that will supply them with water for the crops for the entire year.  Leister Twinny T is used to weld the seam of the geo-membrane and the welding must ensure that the material remains totally leak-tight in the long term.

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      World’s longest tunnel completed with Leister

      Gotthard base tunnel: 1000 km of high quality seam welding for 57 Km tunnel. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a railway tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. With a route length of 57.09 km, it is the world's longest and the first flat, low-level route through the Alps. It is also the deepest railway tunnel in the world.

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      Strong performance: The Miniwelder Tex2 was used to weld 60,000 m² of 0.3 mm thin geomembrane

      HDPE-Geomembrane, 0.3 mm

      Geotek Projects India Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading companies in the aquaculture industry in India. Here, one of their main tasks is covering areas of up to 100,000 m² with LDPE, HDPE and PVC geomembranes. For illustration: 100,000 m² is approximately the area of 14 football fields.Geotek places special value on first-class service, quality and professionalism, which form the foundation for their strong position in the national and international market.

      Since 2008, Geotek has worked together successfully with Leister Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. on the welding of various membranes. Over the years, Leister India has provided Geotek with different wedge welders. Geotek now has over 7 sets with the following welders: Twinny, Comet, Fusion, hot air hand tools etc.

       Plastic welding Leister Weldy

      A great challenge: Because with an area of 60,000 m² – roughly equivalent to the area of 8 football fields – and very thin material, it is especially difficult to weld a perfect and tight seam. For this reason, the professional support of Leister India was once again required.

      Miniwelder tex2 proves itself in testing

      Jaganath, Regional Sales Manager with Leister India, provided Geotek with professional advice, and for this project, recommended the Weldy miniwelder tex2: “Welding 0.3 mm thin HDPE geomembrane at a size of 60,000 m² is truly a challenge, but with our miniwelder tex2, it was no problem. After all, the machine was specially developed by Leister to weld thin geomembrane with a thickness of 0.3 to 1.5 mm.”

      In order to demonstrate that the Tex2 miniwelder was ideally suited for this project, the miniwelder was tested by Leister and Geotek near Calcutta. The result was – as Jaganath had expected – perfect, and convinced Geotek.



      Miniwelder tex2 in action

      For this welding, the miniwelder was adjusted on location to the required temperature and speed. Specifically, on this day it was set to 340 °C with a speed of 4 m/min, and at night to 410°C and a speed of 7m/min. The welders from Geotek were particularly impressed by the smooth and continuous operation of the miniwelder tex2 throughout the entire welding process.


      Main advantages of the miniwelder tex2 during this operation

      Among other advantages, the low weight of the miniwelder tex2 – it weighs 4 kg – and its good speed – 8 m/min – mean that even thin membranes can be welded well.

      Good prospects

      Geotek is very satisfied with the Tex2 miniwelder, the services and the good advice provided by Leister India. As a result, Leister and Geotek will continue to work together successfully in the future. The next large project for Geotek will not be long in coming.



      About miniwelder tex2

      The miniwelder tex2 is particularly suited to thin materials. Thanks to an optimized wedge geometry, thin membranes of 0.3–1.5 mm can be welded perfectly. Starting the welding process is easy thanks to the revolutionary film guide system. This makes the tex2 perfect for use with thin films. Device operation is simple and intuitive. The heating can be turned on and off at the press of a button. The welding temperature and the speed can be set easily using two knobs.

      • Lightweight (4 kg)
      • Welding speed of up to 7.5 m per minute
      • Revolutionary chainless drive technology
      • Ideal for thin membranes
      • Good performance at an affordable price





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