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      Industrial Heating Systems

      Leister Industrial Heating Systems: Proven thousands of times.

      Leister hot-air systems are deployed in countless industrial production processes like Sleeve Shrinking, Cap-Shrinking, Sterilizing, Sealing, Forming, Deflasing, Paint Baking, Shining, Roasting, Pasteurizing, and Smoothing. There is hardly an industry which does not profit from the diverse advantages – whether through cost-effectiveness or because many processes simply become more efficient with hot-air. Some of the industries include Brewing and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Automobile, Cosmetics, Food industries, etc.
      Leister LHS 41 L Premium industrial hot air blower
      Rs. 63,899.00
      Leister LE 3000 air heater for industrial application Leister LE 3000 air heater for industrial application
      Rs. 45,449.00
      Rs. 68,699.00
      102.174 Leister LE 5000 air heater
      Rs. 91,999.00