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      Laser welding in the textile industry

      Wide application area

      Leister laser plastic welding applications textiles

      The area of technical textiles covers a huge range of applications, from woven fabrics, laid scrims, and non woven fabrics to felt and their associated uses. Typical application areas for large-area technical textiles can be found in the paper industry. Other fields include filter materials or membranes. Technical textiles are also used by the clothing industry. They are often utilized in outdoor clothing and for personal protection.



      Laser welding of membranes in the textile industry

      Wiper motor housing

      Leister laser plastic welding applications textiles Membrane

      Membranes are permeable by certain substances. In engineering, they are used in all kinds of ways. In wiper motor housings, they enable pressure equalization. The membrane can be permeated by air but not by liquids. The challenge when joining membranes is to avoid affecting the fine pores in the active zone and to prevent damage to the membranes, which are usually very thin. The contour technique is used for this application because the heat effect during the joining process is minimal, thereby avoiding damage to the membrane.



      Large-area components in the textile industry

      Technical textiles

      Leister laser plastic welding applications textiles Technical Textile

      Large-area components, such as technical textiles, also can be joined with excellent results using GLOBO welding. Besides the minimal effort to achieve the required joining pressure, great flexibility and high welding speeds also are achieved.