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      Plastic components in the electronics industry

      Leister laser plastic welding Electronics Industry

      Electronic components are used in many areas of modern life. Most of these components consist of assemblies that are protected from the environment by their enclosures. For example, delicate sensors have a screen to prevent breakage. Other electronic components are protected against splash water and similar threats by placing them inside a housing. The sensitive electronics used in many valves are protected against impacts by a plastic case. This is often tested by carrying out a fall or drop test.



      Housings in the electronics industry

      Sensor housing

      Leister laser plastic welding application Sensor housing

      In the contour welding process, the lid is welded to a package. Both parts appear blue to the human eye. The lid however is rendered transparent for the IR laser beam, whereas the package absorbs the laser beam. 

      Sensitive electronic components are also found in sport. The Foot Pad is used in the context of endurance training. This is equipped with GPS and allows data to be transferred to a receiver, such as a watch. In this way, users can record their running times and distances, and display this data using a computer. As the Foot Pad is used outdoors, it has to be completely sealed from the environment.

      Leister laser plastic welding applications electronics housings