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      Annual Industry Survey 2017

      Civil Engineering and Construction Review Magazine December 2017

      CE&CR: What were the latest innovative products and technologies introduced in the last year? What was the role of your organization in this regard?
      Arun Kumar D: Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland has launched the world’s fastest Wedge Welding Machine – Geostar G7 for welding of HDPE Geomembranes used as Pond Liners for Water Storage, Solid Waste Containment, Aquaculture Ponds, Ash Ponds in Power plants etc.
      The Geostar is capable of welding at 12 metres per minute which is 3 times faster than any other machine in the field. This gigantic step in the welding speed of this machine has been able to increase the productivity.
      Leister Technologies India Pvt Ltd also played an important role in the product development phase, it was part of a select group of 4 countries which provided the customer / project requirements to the technical team.

      CE&CR: Please give us a practical example of a case study or a project wherein innovative capabilities of your organization have helped deal with a challenging situation?
      Arun Kumar D: There is a customer from Parwanoo who is a manufacturer of HDPE Geomembranes. He wanted to complete an Ash Pond Lining Project in Orissa covering over 900,000 SqM and they had allocated 9 months for this project. However they were worried that the impending monsoon will be a show spoiler and delay the project. Our technical sales team advised them to use two GEOSTAR G5 machines at this site, the operators were provided on-site training and guidance on how to derive the maximum efficiency of this machine. This project was completed in 4 months flat and the customer was elated that the project could be completed before the monsoon and moreover they had saved around 79 lakhs by way of labour costs, machinery rentals etc and other associated costs.

      CE&CR: Please brief us on your organization's efforts towards Research and Development for technological advancements in construction and related sectors.
      Arun Kumar D: Leister Technologies AG is a forerunner in the field of Plastic welding and has set several benchmarks in terms of welding quality and highly reliable and user-friendly machines.
      Leister’s Tunnel Lining machines are also extensively used for the PVC Membrane lining in the Jammu – Srinagar Tunnels; approximately 50 machines have been used by different contractors in these tough conditions and have been able to deliver excellent performance. From time to time our engineers will travel to these tunnelling sites to provide on-site training to the technicians of the contractors on operation & maintenance of these machines.

      CE&CR: What are the new opportunities in your sector in the near future?
      Arun Kumar D: India is a very potential market for us and we have been on a growth path for the last 6 to 7 years delivering an impressive CAGR of 35% which is much higher than the industrial growth rate in India. We see a very good future for our business in the fields of membrane waterproofing on the roof, basements, tunnels etc as this concept is beginning to get acceptance in cities where the monsoon activity is very high and waterproofing is very critical. We also see a good future for plastic fabrication. Many large storage tanks hitherto fabricated out of steel are now switching to Polypropylene or Polyethylene and this throws up a huge opportunity for us as a machinery manufacturer.

      CE&CR: What is the impact of GST in your sector?
      Arun Kumar D: The introduction of GST has definitely helped us reduce costs and thereon pass on the benefits to our customers and thereby making high quality and technologically advanced machines and tools affordable to our customers.
      The biggest benefit for us has been that our goods are reaching our customers much faster due to the abolition of check posts, it makes life easy for complaint companies like us. Further the hassles of collecting Form – C are there no more and this has come as a huge relief to the industry and true reflects the spirit of the One India One Tax.

      CE&CR: How would you rate the performance of your organization in the last one year in comparison to the previous year, please mention as (a) same (b) marginally better
       Arun Kumar D: My answer is significantly better.

      CE&CR: What is your perception of growth in the coming year?
      Arun Kumar D: We have been a company which has grown at a rate of 20% year on year and expect this trend to continue for another 5 years as India has huge potential in the fields of plastic processing and infrastructure. Our aim is to invest and grow in this market where there are opportunities for upgrading the existing systems with better solutions that can improve the productivity and reliability.

      CE&CR: What would be the significant growth area for your organization in 2018?
      Arun Kumar D: We look forward to grow our business in the infrastructure, automotive, plastic processing and packaging industries during 2018 which we foresee will be an excellent year as the industry has seen through a tough period after demonetisation and GST implementation.

      CE&CR: A few words about CE&CR as your regular companion.
      Arun Kumar D: CE & CR has been an excellent source of technical information for us in the civil engineering industry wherein our products are extensively used for the waterproofing of basements, roofs etc. They have also carried some of our technical articles on tunnelling and waterproofing applications which have been appreciated by many of the readers. These articles have helped users learn about the new techniques available in the international scene and now available in
      India too.